Meet Jamison

As your photographic artist, I am intuitive and empathetic looking to help and connect with people with where they are in their story. As a dynamic and creative person, I like to keep things fun while being sensitive, and looking for solutions and ways to present you at your best creating beautiful photographic art.


Ever since I was a young child, I have been a passionate artist. I have never stopped whether it is a crayon, a pencil, a pen, a paint brush, or a camera. I bring passion into everything I do from my work to my life investing hours in professional development and skills to ensure the art I make for you is my best, natural, beautiful, and uniquely you with the quality you deserve.


As a part of a family I can relate to why loved ones are precious and important. I am a devoted husband and cat daddy. I have worked with and owned several types of animals from dogs to cats to livestock to birds to horses. I love animals and approach them like children and people with care and with love. I have 2 grown up children I helped raised since a young age, so I understand many of the stages you as parents go through, but each child or person is different and unique.


I will bring the same passion, care, service, and love to your portraits I provide that I do with my own family and friends. I truly love people, animals, and love to help anyway I can through the donation of my time, resources, and opportunities. I only use the best materials and provide extra service others don't because I do care and want you to have the very best art decor and memories that last for generations like I would for my own family and loved ones.


I look forward to meeting you and learning more about you and your unique story and needs.




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